A Powerful Voice Against Child Abuse

Mike Pistorino is not just a survivor of child sexual abuse, not just a public speaker talking about preventing that abuse. He is a force to be reckoned with, an unapologetic truth-teller who is challenging everything we thought we knew about abuse, survival, and success. It is simply impossible to hear Mike Pistorino speak and not be forever changed. Book Mike today for your next event!

Stopping child abuse, one speech at a time

“I’ve never heard anything like it! I will never look at the problem of child sexual abuse the same way again.”

“I can’t speak for the other thousand people in attendance, but I’ve never heard a better presentation in all the years I’ve been coming to this conference.”

“Mike’s honesty and energy are contagious! You can’t light a fire with statistics about child abuse, but you can light a fire with someone like Mike who has lived it and overcome it. Everyone needs to hear him – today!”

“After hearing Mike speak at an event, my son told me that he had been abused. I had no idea.”

“Hiring Mike as our keynote was the best decision I ever made. It was without question our most successful event to date.”





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