20,000 Breaths

20,000 Breaths

In 24 hours:

371,000 babies are born

Earth is hit by lightning more than 8.6 million times

Our hearts beat around 100,000 times each

Our blood travels 168 million miles in our bodies

We each take about 20,000 breaths


In 24 hours:

I was raped, sometimes more than once

I was told I was a loser, a piece of trash, or worthless more than once

I hit someone or destroyed their property because of the rage I felt

I got high or robbed someone so I could get high

I sat in a prison cell, living up to everyone’s expectations


In 24 hours:

I will run approximately 70 miles

I will remember the rapes, the drugs, the beatings, the jail cells

I will hunger and thirst and ache

I will keep going because I always keep going

I will survive again so that others know they can survive


In 24 hours:

You were born

Your heart will beat 100,000 times

Your blood will travel 168 million miles in your body

You will take 20,000 breaths

And with your heart, and using your breath,


You can save the life of a child