Please note:

Mike Pistorino has permanently retired from public speaking. Although he continues to receive numerous speaking requests, he will no longer be able to fulfill those requests.

Mike, his family, his business, and his professional contacts have been and continue to be the target of threats, intimidation, and extortion attempts. Mike has consulted with police, the FBI, and an attorney; however, in order to protect his own children from harm, Mike has opted to stop engaging in public efforts to prevent child sexual abuse, which includes ending his speaking career. Read Mike’s letter for additional information.

If you are a survivor or a concerned adult seeking information or support, click on the first two links in the red-shaded area above. Mike will not respond to any email inquiries from any survivor or a loved one of a survivor seeking support.

All questions, comments, or concerns may be sent to info@mikepistorino.com. Please note that for Mike’s protection, all emailed correspondence will be kept indefinitely and may be viewed by or shared with law enforcement officials. Thank you for your understanding.

Mike Pistorino does not have nor is he affiliated with any profile, page, or account on ANY social media platform, nor does he own or operate any other website.


Mike Pistorino / info@mikepistorino.com