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Saving kids, one book at a time

Mike’s coloring book is saving children from sexual abuse. Parents, teachers, counselors, and law enforcement officials have identified the book as the one tool that has enabled children to come forward. Dozens of children across the country have been rescued because of the book, including a 5 year-old boy in Cleveland, a young girl in Kentucky, and a 7 year-old boy in New York. For children who are not being abused, the book provides them with an effective tool to empower them to recognize grooming behavior.

Consider these testimonials:

“I use your coloring book with many children at our non-profit. One child reported abuse while going through the book, which is a first step towards making it stop. I use the book with kids who I do not suspect any sexual abuse as a teaching tool to guard against grooming. The book is not “leading” and there are great parts that focus on support systems and self-esteem.” – Misty Ramos, LPCC-S, Director, PALS for Healing

“Oh my God, thank you for your book! My son told my mom about abuse he was suffering. As a single mom, I have no choice but to rely on others for help. I’ve always talked to my son about abuse, but the book opened the conversation more and led to him telling of abuse I didn’t know about. Who would have thought a coloring book could have such a huge impact. Thank you!!” – Single mom, Cleveland

“Child molesters will spend years to get into a position of power over kids – every profession you can think of, I’ve seen it. Some have worked 10-20 years to get to a spot where they can destroy these kids and destroy their trust in people and society. What you see is only 10% of what they have done. I know after working these cases and throwing hundreds of these guys in jail that they can hide 90% of what they do behind 10% of what they get caught for. They prey on the weak, the lonely, the poor, and the ones who are starved for attention. Find solace in your life’s work, Mike, and in knowing that you are stopping the rape and abuse of these children. Nothing is more important. Your speeches, your book, and those who use it are saving lives. Period.” – Brandon Hoyt, Special Agent, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation

“I’ve purchased the book for my graduate students as a way to help them understand what the children they’ll be working with face, and how to get through to children who’ve suffered abuse.” – Professor of Social Work, Case Western Reserve University

Buy our book today and start saving kids!

What are you waiting for? Buy our coloring book today and share it with the children in your life! Bulk orders are available. For more information about the book and how you can incorporate it into your school or organization, contact Mike today at

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