Changing lives, spreading hope, inspiring lasting change

Mike is an award-winning public speaker who has delivered powerfully effective keynote presentations to audiences throughout the U.S. and Canada. Mike’s message has motivated entire communities to change the way they approach the issue of child abuse. Mike’s experiences as a survivor of child sexual abuse, addiction, homelessness, and prison offer an authentic and honest perspective on the dynamics and impact of child abuse, as well as what it takes to prevent it and thrive in spite of it. Contact Mike today to book him for your next event!

Keynote Presentations

Mike offers powerful keynote addresses for national and statewide conferences. Infused with unparalleled honesty, contagious energy, and joyful humor, Mike sets the perfect tone for any conference focused on preventing child abuse and turning victims into thrivers.

Staff/Organizational Trainings

Mike offers training seminars for staff and board members of organizations dedicated to stopping child abuse. Delivered in lecture format and tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization, Mike’s trainings re-energize staff working on the front lines and help to refocus organizational strategies.

Mike’s most requested presentations:

Awakening the Warrior Within

Confronting Child Sexual Abuse: The Non-Nonprofit Perspective

Hero’s Toolkit for Ending Child Abuse

The impact of Mike’s presentations

“I thought it was powerful and inspiring. I admire that you share your story and are so passionate. I think each speech you give opens the eyes of listeners to the world in which we live. In my opinion, in this type of work, we all need to be a little more aggressive like you and proactively involved in our children’s lives to protect them.

As a mother of two, and someone who experienced childhood sexual abuse by another child in my family, I believe that your speeches give people the eye opener they need.

As an advocate, I am empowered and motivated by your speeches to continue the work that I do and fight for every survivor I can and to always look for room for improvement.”

-Child Abuse Advocate, Ohio