I’m Pissed Off!!

I’m Pissed Off!!

Kids are being raped and abused and it PISSES ME OFF!!!

People get so worked up about so many things. They get offended when someone makes a comment that’s not politically correct, they get angry if a call goes against their kid in sports, and they obsess over the latest celebrity gossip.

When was the last time they were as offended, angry, and obsessed about the fact that kids are being raped and abused?


I know first-hand that a lot of pressure is put on survivors of rape and abuse to let go of our anger, to move on with our lives and even forgive. The anger in me from the years of sexual abuse I suffered made my life miserable for too long. But am I letting go of that anger? Not in a million freaking years! Instead of letting the anger control me, I am controlling it, but I’m never letting it go. Why? Because it’s not okay that I was raped over and over again as a little boy, and it’s not okay that kids are being raped right now! If ever there was a time and a place for anger, this is it!

And here’s a news flash: you don’t have to be a survivor to get good and angry. You just have to give a damn!

child's pain

Adults who rape children don’t deserve the freedom they enjoy. They deserve to be locked up in a cage where they will receive the kind of justice that’s due them. If you’re looking for mercy, don’t come to me. The moment these animals chose to violate an innocent child is the moment they gave up their right to mercy. No mercy and no apologies!

How do we get these predators into the cages they deserve and how do we ultimately stop the epidemic of child sexual abuse? By embracing reality and adopting some righteous freaking indignation! Predators are weak cowards who will cave in, shrivel up, and run in fear if we keep standing up to them and making noise. And justice? It has never come easily. We have to fight for it. So let’s fight!!


Kids are being raped, and I’m pissed off about it. That shouldn’t require an explanation. Every decent human being should be as pissed off as I am and just as motivated to stop kids from being raped. Are you?